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The guitar body has been machined and rough sanded at the factory. Guitar finishing stepbystep by dan erlewine goodreads. Fretwork, step by step written for stewmac, this is a thorough explanation of fretting using step by step. Merging internal table cells dynamically in sap adobe forms using java script code. Guitar finishing 101 the highlighted grain stain finish. Guitar finishing step by step stewartmacdonald shopguide series, by dan erlewine. Youve been playing it for years, but the time has come to give it a makeover. By dan erlewine, don macrostie guitar finishing step by step by dan erlewine, don macrostie the definitive book for finishing guitars and fretted instruments.

I have a mail merge document feeding in from excel. I just finished reading guitar finishing step by step by dan erlwine and don mcrostie. Our guitar kit includes these products as well as our wool lube sanding lubricant, sand papers, various rubbing compounds, and instructions so that you have most everything you may need to finish a guitar. When sanding the existing finish on the guitar, you have two options on how you can go. To be fair, i could not find such a text or information anywhere online that provided that, and so in that context, this is a valuable resource that i did refer to. While lacquer is the preferred finish for guitars, its toxic and highly flammable. If your electric guitar has a worndown or otherwise damaged finish, you can refinish it with a nitrocellulose lacquer, giving your axe a nice new look. However risky it may seem, the fearless fire engine team, leaps into action no delay, one quick call theyre on their way. Finishing the body the finish on your guitar will be applied in either two or three layers. What i wanted was a simple text that took a person through the entire process in a simple step by step approach without having to read 188 pages to do it, and then still be uncertain.

Stringed instrument lacquer produces a hard, durable finish thats less brittle and more flexible than standard furniture lacquer, to accommodate the. In times like these, all you need is a trusty pdf merger which will do the job for you. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. The amount of information in this book is amazing, yet they do a good job of making it all make sense. Lay the guitar on a clean, flat, untextured surface we dont want the finish to become marred and we dont want the guitar to move while buffing. Step by step series making three strat bodies and one neck from different woods. Wear an ansiapproved dust mask and safety glasses when sanding wood. Pdf how to paint your guitar amorphous crystals academia. Create individual pdf files from a word mail merge. Basic finishing techniques genone luthier supply blog.

Adobe acrobats mail merge to pdf addin for word allows you to. If possible i also need to pdf these individually, however the above. Includes stain mixing charts for precision color matching. A guitar may play like a dream and sound like thors hammer, but if it has a terrible finish itll get regulated to studio work. Guitar finishing stepbystep focuses on nitrocellulose lacquer, the most common guitar finish, but also includes addditional information on varnishes, oils and french polishing. This means that every layer will blend together with the previous, so if you spray too heavy. Its a whole new word, so jump right into this book and. Read online guitar finishing step by step guitar finishing step by step right here, we have countless books guitar finishing step by step and collections to check out. Just as theres no standard tuning for a cigar box guitar, theres no official way to play it.

To move the body around to paint corners, inside edges and the underside, bolt a scrap neck or suitably sized piece of timber to the body and clamp it to something solid. Guitar finishing step by step by dan erlewine and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at. There are lots of other resources out there if you look. After applying the hiintensity stain coat follow instructions. Stewmac guitar finishing stepbystep stewmac reverb. Guitar finishing stepbystep focuses on nitrocellulose lacquer, the most common guitar finish, but also includes addditional information on varnishes, oils and. But when trying to save the document, it loses the header and footer. Guitar finishing step by step expanded 2nd edition. However, if you dont use the shellac, the epoxy staining doesnt disappear even. Guitar finishing step by step pdf, guitar finishing step by step dan erlewine, don macrostie, stewart macdonald on free shipping on qualifying offers. Techniques for new waterbase finishes and traditional nitrocellulose lacquers. In this article, we will provide an easy step by step tutorial on how to merge your pdf files into one.

Vinyl sealer, starcast amber toner, encore brown toner, and stringed instrument lacquer. Any guitar, be it a quickie plywood job to an intricate, detailed piece of art, needs a good finish to make it complete. Section 3 finishing your guitar explorer section 3 3 3. Acoustic guitar building, electric guitar making, guitar repair, violin making, dulcimer making, mandolin building, drum making. Customer requirement is to have the table format as per the below screen shot. How to paint a guitar body in nitrocellulose pt 1 intro. Guitar finishing, stepbystep, 2005, dan erlewine, don.

The mail merge wizard is used to create form letters, envelopes and labels. The quality of a finish created with these aerosols will be the same professional grade as that which is sprayed from a gun. Woodwinds and brass general interest flutes, recorders, and whistles bagpipes brass and other horns reeds and reed instruments. Shane speal has a series of videos part 1, part 2, part 3 teaching some basics of cigar box guitar playing. If youve purchased any one of my books on painting your own guitar, then you know that i tell you to be very careful with your guitar s finish once. I firstly open up an attached document with headers and footers and then using mail merge add recipients from a different none windows program. A big piece of brown cardboard or brown craft paper does nicely. Follow these instructions to get the guitar of your dream. Released in 2004, the book quickly became a bestseller, and in the process, helped cement paint your own guitar as the d.

How to refinish a guitar with nitrocellulose lacquer. Youll notice that word 2007 has a new look using a ribbon that contains tabs, groups and commands. Create your own look or replicate valuable vintage finishes. Guitar finishing instructions using guitar aerosols behlen stringed instrument lacquer, vinyl sealer, and guitar toner aerosols are formulated specifically for use on stringed musical instruments. Tagged with basic finishing techniques, guitar finishing, how to finish a guitar, mixol woodworkers tones set spread the love most of us that have been using finishing techniques over the years have depended mostly on the good old trial and error method of finishing. Gluboost will guarantee optimum freshness and performance of our products only when bought directly on our site.

Paint your own guitar s, how to create a factory guitar finish with just a couple of spray cans. Using either an electric palm sander or a sanding block, sand the guitar body except the guitar neck notch and other. The books spends the first few chapters teaching you about the language, materials and tools of finishing. Merging internal table cells dynamically in sap adobe. Take care not to buff too vigorously as this may remove the finish. However as these are letters i need to save each one individually and not copy and paste them individually to a new doc and save it as a reference number thats within the document excel doc. A complete step by step guide to preparing and spraying a guitar body in nitrocellulose. Start with the rubbing compound on the wool bonnet and buff until smooth with a cloudy haze.

Feel free to mess around with tuning, making your own chords, etc. Guitar finishing step by step pdf, guitar finishing stepbystep dan erlewine, don macrostie, stewart macdonald on free shipping on qualifying offers. Word 2007 using mail merge page 1 of 39 introduction this training guide provides information on microsoft office word 2007 mail merge function. You might find this gives your instrument unique character, but if not, refinishing is well within your ability. I recommend a wellventilated area with a workbench or suitably large area you will have sufficient room to work with and store your finishing supplies without being cramped for room as spills should be avoided at all costs.

Guitar finishing stepbystep now that you have acquired the materials listed above you should seek out a suitable work space to complete the job. Not only will i show you the stepbystep method i used to paint and finish all of. The color was cool when you bought it photo 1, but now youd like a change. We assume you have never made a guitar before and that you may not even have.

Experienced and beginning luthiers alike can create a professional guitar finish with the behlen guitar finishing kit. All ca products are stored at optimal temperature in our warehouse chillers so you always get our formula to container freshness guarantee every single time. After applying several coats, the finish is rubbed using 40 steel wool to burnish the finish to a uniform satin finish will little to no build. Automatically email each pdf as an attachment via outlook if your data source contains emails. All the way from sanding to adding primer, then solid colour, then clear gloss. Apr 19 finishing symposium may 10 period furniture may 18 luthiers may 24 gswt jun 7 big jun 14 summer trip jul 26 gswt aug 210 nh craftsmens fair building a guitar hand cut sliding dovetails preparing thin stock. Steel string guitar construction inspired and guided my. After enough time, the finish on a guitar will begin to fade. Includes color photos of favorite finishes, and color charts to help you achieve them. Dans books on guitar repair dan erlewines guitar shop. I recommend a wellventilated area with a workbench or suitably large area you will have sufficient room to work with and store your finishing supplies without being cramped for room as spills should be avoided.

Other times, your pdf files are simply split into individual pdf pages and you feel the need to just organize them into a single pdf document. Guitar finishing, step by step don macrostie and i created this for stewmac. Heres the last word on word, from the master of plainenglish explanations. The look, feel, and tone of nitrocellulose is hard to surpass, and it is easier than many finishes to repair or touchup. This blog describes how to merge cells dynamically in a table of sap adobe forms. We additionally offer variant types and along with type of the books to browse. We also carry an instructional dvd made by behlen that will give you step by step instructions to help you achieve the look you want for your custom guitar. Its relatively easy to apply and buff to a beautiful, high gloss finish. Guitar finishing step by step focuses on nitrocellulose lacquer, the most common guitar finish, but also includes addditional information on varnishes, oils and french polishing. If your order includes burst pack addons which which to blend colours please check out the how to burst. Free download program guitar finishing step by step pdf. Both make finishing much easier in both safety related issues and work required to obtain that high gloss finish. Dan erlewines colorillustrated essay guides you through the steps of modern waterbase finishing, too.

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