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Vous le trouverez dans une ou plusieurs des lignes cidessous. Country codes, phone codes, dialing codes, telephone codes. Each directory comes with a short description so that you can be sure that it. Reverse search can be selected from the telefono tab. Got a question about your listing or a query about your phone book. Find a person in the france phone book by first name, last name. Selectra can help you get set up with a french telephone number within minutes.

Also, search for people by email address with a france reverse email search. Each directory covers one department, with each town listed separately, showing peoples names in alphabetical order. You can buy a card in many places, such as newspaper and tobacco kiosks, exchange offices, post offices, etc. Lookup uk uk birth adoption contact register uk genealogy web uk electoral roll people lookup uk united states phone book. White and yellow pages europe phone directory, telephone directory, white pages, yellow pages europe. Type the name in the search box and click rechercher. The spanish white pages paginas blancas is available online in english with a search option for individuals or companies. Schools, universities and other education in france. Select tab a qui est ce numero for reverse phone search.

White pages, whitepages,european white pages, european whitepages, telephone directory, telephone directories, european telephone directories, residential directory. Books listing the inhabitants of an entire city were widely published starting in the 18th century, before the invention of the telephone. The french telephone numbering plan is not only used for metropolitan france but also for the french overseas departments and some overseas collectivities. Search for people or business in the italy reverse phone book pronto. You can see your bill online for free, so you dont need to wait two months before making a choice. French translation of telephone directory the official collins english french dictionary online. The first two numbers indicate a mobile code, with french mobile phone numbers starting with 06 and 07. French white pages and yellow pages pages blanches, pages jaunes find phone numbers for people and businesses in france. Find a phone number in france, numero telephone france. As this is complicated, one thing you can do is use france telecom orange for a few weeks to work out your calling patterns and then choose. Paris france phone, address, background info whitepages.

The plan uses a tendigit closed numbering scheme, where the first two digits denote the area. The spanish yellow pages paginas amarillas provides a comprehensive. Cegetel uses 7, when dialled from within france, i. From another country, dial the international code usually 00, then the country code for france 33, followed by the phone number without the zero. Each directory comes with a short description so that you can be sure that it contains information relevant to you. The calling chart above will help you find the dialing codes you need to make long distance phone calls to friends, family, and business partners around the globe. The expression whitepages is almost as old as the phone, invented by alexander graham bell in 1876. Ask someone at the information desk to locate these directories. This page provides links to the best online resources for finding france phone numbers, for residential and business information where available. The second best result is paris france age 20s in north chicago, il. White pages telephone directory for people and businesses in italy. France is divided into 5 telephone areas corresponding to 5 separate telephone codes essentially reserved for land lines. Using the telephone might work a little different in france than in your home country. Find out about social customs and traditions in france.

A guide to french mobile operators, sim cards and mobile. The network of public phone booths operated by france telecom is very large in france, although its been reduced as most people are using mobile. Take a look at our selection of products to find which is right for you. Enter first, last name and location for instant results in the annuaire telephonique pages. High up on everyones list when setting up a new home in france is getting a telephone line and almost always a broadband service ready for the day they move in. Select this result to view paris france s phone number, address, and more. Over 100,000 french translations of english words and phrases. For other countries you can also use the phone book of the world. Use the searchbox above where and provide you with people search results targeted on france. National directory for people particulier and businesses. Search for company information and contact details of businesses in france using the directory listing from complete france. For many years, french telephone numbers consisted of eight digits, including an area code, but that system began to run out of numbers in the 1980s, leading to the adoption of a new numbering plan on 25 october 1985.

Ill be asking for residential phone numbers, and calling from the u. A directory is a book which gives lists of facts, for example peoples names, addresses. Really simple and fast to use telephone directory for finding people in france. To speak to an english speaking customer service agent, call 09 77 55 72 27 monday through friday from 9. Phone lines and mobiles, internet access and calls abroad. White pages for france with a simple to use interface. Country codes, phone codes, dialing codes, telephone codes, iso country codes. Search the phone book from bt to find contact details of businesses and people across the uk, or uk and country dialling codes.

If you have just arrived in france and need to set up your phone and internet plans, you can also call our selectra english speaking advisors at 09 77 55 72 27. Provides a map for the result and you can select your location prior to searching if you want but its not compulsory. The network of public phone booths operated by france telecom is very large in france, although its been reduced as most people are using mobile phones. A telephone directory, commonly called a telephone book, telephone address book, phone book, or the white and yellow pages, is a listing of telephone subscribers in a geographical area or subscribers to services provided by the organization that publishes the directory. Paris is related to france suguna and kasondra c jones as well as 3 additional people. Find a business in the pages jaunes, by name, category or business type. Search by name, phone number or address, and location. Annuaire telephonique france really simple and fast to use telephone directory for finding people in france. France phone numbers, residential and business information. Yellow pages of france including overseas departments and territories of france. Translation for telephone directory in the free english french dictionary and many other french translations. The calling chart above will help you find the dialing codes you need to make long distance phone calls to friends.

Our guide will give you all the information on making calls without paying too much money. Use the phone book to find people or dialling codes. You can also search for people not in the phonebook at very low rates. Below is a list of some of the most important providers.

Information about company creation and selfemployment. Learn more in the cambridge english french dictionary. Directory, french directoire, the french revolutionary government set up by the constitution of the year iii, which lasted four years, from november 1795 to november 1799. Country codes, phone codes, dialing codes, telephone codes, iso country codes countrycode. The number of france telecom directory assistance is 118712. Have a look at our help and support area for all the answers you need. Directory definition, a book containing an alphabetical index of the names and addresses of persons in a city, district, organization, etc. To dial out of france to another country, here are some useful examples.

I need the phone number for directory assistance in english for paris, france. How to contact the orange englishspeaking customer. How to set up a new phone line and broadband in france. The new regime, referred to as the directory, began auspiciously in october 1795 with a successful constitutional plebiscite.

A guide to french mobile operators, sim cards and mobile numbers. Just like other countries, france has a closed telephone dialing plan. Also offers a reverse search option by telephone number. Need help finding the right advertising package for your business. If you dont find what you want, you can also use a specific search via 118712, yelp, facebook or linkedin search to find the right people.

Select this result to view paris frances phone number, address, and more. Internet, telephone and postal services in france paris. Directory is in english, french, german, italian, and spanish. English a magazine id recently launched called business 2.

France has 20 regions subdivided into 102 departements, subdivided into 3578 cantons and 324 arrondissements inside the cantons france has 36. Nearly all public phones only accept telephone cards no coins. Directory definition and meaning collins english dictionary. Our team will be able to help you choose the best offer for your needs and budget amongst a wide range of other, often more competitive french operators. Telephone directories are a type of city directory. Dont pay s for 118 services use the free directory enquiries service to find uk phone numbers for nothing. Also, search for people by email address with a italy reverse email search. All french phone numbers are ten digits, starting with a zero if youre using france telecom or the number of a provider e. Find businesses in the pages jaunes, by name, category or business type. Quoi, qui enter business name or type ou enter city or location. For example, if the french number is 01 23 45 67 89, from outside france, you will need to dial 00 33 1 23 45 67 89. All french mobile numbers, as well as phone numbers, have 10 digits and, if calling from within france, start with a 0. Enter the name of the person youre looking for in nom you can put first name, last name or first and last name in its got quite a flexible search function. House, business or mobile cell phone numbers in france.

British phone book united kingdom directory enquiries. The first telephone directory, consisting of a single piece of cardboard, was issued on 21 february 1878. Here are the key pieces of information you need to keep costs to a minimum and have a working service on the date you need it. Its purpose is to allow the telephone number of a subscriber identified by name and address to be found. We would love to hear your opinion about our international directories site. All french numbers have 10 digits and begin with 0 france is divided into 5 geographical zones corresponding to five separate telephone codes. How to contact the orange englishspeaking customer service. The family history library has many telephone directories of france, but they are not cataloged.

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